2.2.6 (2012/7/4)
  • Add option to set default storage, most used for Galaxy S3's external SD card (/mnt/extSdCard)
  • Fix strange behavior after stopping play bug
  • Fix on-closing F/C bug
  • Fix audio-book and music can't resume position bug
  • Fix preference page orientation bug
  • Fix mute notification feature not working bug
2.2.5 (2012/6/21)
  • Fix Android 2.1 and older devices launch & f/c bug
2.2.4 (2012/6/18)
2.2.0 (2012/6/16)
  • Add lock-screen panel for Android 4.0+ devices
  • Fix some headset button does not work bug
2.1.15 (2012/5/21)
  • Fix 4x3 widget can't show bug
  • Support playlist with 1000+ songs
2.1.14 (2012/5/13)
2.1.13 (2012/5/12)
  • Auto remove unlinked audiobooks
  • Renaming file will now put extension back if not set
  • Remove Instant Lyrics implementation
  • Fix Music Video PlayQ don't go to next song bug
2.1.12 (2012/3/8)
  • Fix album list etc. crashing bug on 4.0 devices
2.1.11 (2012/2/9)
  • Fix resuming music after phone call issue (really)
  • Fix on 3.x and 4.x devices, can't download album art bug
  • Updated Czech locale
  • Fix on 3.x and 4.x devices, can't use menu feature bug
  • Add search menu for devices without search button
2.1.10 (2012/1/31)
  • Fix 4x4 widget button issue
  • Fix stop resuming from calling bug

2.1.8 (2011/11/30)
  • Fix notification bar text color problem, if you're using Samsung devices with black notification background, please change the text color in Preference -> Music -> Inverse Notification Text
2.1.7 (2011/11/27)
  • Fix flac files not show up in PlayQs bug
  • Fix PlayQ Picker f/c when picking artists bug
  • Fix screen automatically turned on when song switches bug
  • Make prev/next button workable in repeat current mode
  • Fix f/c when having null path bug
2.1.6 (2011/11/17)
  • Fix notification bar text color invisible problem
  • Fix folder tab "locked" bug
  • Fix can't open folder bug
2.1.5 (2011/10/11)
  • Fix flac unplayable problem on Android 2.2- devices
2.1.4 (2011/9/30)
  • Force close bug on 1.6 devices fixed
2.1.3 (2011/9/29)
  • FLAC playing bug fixed
  • Phone reboot f/c and widget disappear bug fixed
2.1.2 (2011/9/27)
  • f/c bugs fixing only
2.1.1 (2011/9/19)
  • Several bugs fixed
2.1.0 (2011/9/6)
  • Pull back Audiobook tab, still implemented as PlayQs, leave non-audiobook playqs in the PlayQ tab
  • Traditional video playlist will be upgraded to PlayQs automatically and with prompt
  • Option for two-line title (Always two-line for a directory in Fodler tab)
2.0.2 (2011/9/5)
  • Fix f/c on launch bug on some devices
  • Fix f/c bug when trying to edit ID3 tag
  • Fix filtered list does not launch correct item bug
  • Fix on Android 3.0+ can't download album art bug
  • Fix other f/c bugs
2.0.0 (2011/9/2)
  • (Reverted) Audiobook feature moved to PlayQ tab, you can find your audiobooks auto-generated in it
  • Does not support Android 1.5 anymore
  • Change art behavior in album list, video list, and playQ list
  • Change track number format to #
  • Support pad's external SD card and USB storage
  • Move "show unrated songs" option to star threshold dialog
  • Fix album forced low resolution album art in play view bug
  • Fix video tab or file f/c or ANR bug
  • Fix bitmap memory leak f/c bug
  • Remove "video playlist", integrated into playQ
  • Remove "audiobook tab", integrated into playQ
  • Remove "Rapid Browser", which is a workaround for really old Android and devices.
  • Now-Playing Button in Main View
  • Video show/hide subtitle gesture
  • Option for white notification text
  • Better video gallery loading
  • Option for transparent widget background (for 2.2+ only)
  • Volume adjusting gesture
1.7.4 (2011/5/26)
  • Fix various bugs
1.7.3 (2011/5/20)
  • Add history tab
  • Tabs can now be scrolled
  • Fix ID3 editing and rating with special character can't read bug
  • Fix URL in PlayQ not working bug
  • Fix PlayQ picker f/c bug
  • Fix Video tab f/c bug
  • Fix various other f/c bugs
  • Layout changing in main screen
1.7.2 (2011/5/5)
  • Fix PlayQ can't edit order bug
  • Update Andless plugin so 2.3 devices can now play lossless audio files
  • Fix music f/c bug
1.7.1 (2011/4/21)
1.7.0 (2011/4/20)
  • (Pro) Can set image in a PlayQ now
  • (Pro) Can pick local image for album art now
  • (Pro) PlayQ-dependent last played position
  • (Pro) When playing, tap on 4x3, 3x4, or 4x4 widget's song title/album name/artist name to call up rating dialog box
  • Advanced media folder, can include and exclude folders everywhere you want, not only one level under /sdcard now.
  • Show up current queue, by tapping song title in playing screen or in toolkit
  • Change rating will write into song POPM in the same time now
1.6.1 (2011/3/28)
  • Fix playQ shortcut fail bug
  • Remove MyBackup support due to incompatibility (Makes f/c on Meridian)
1.6.0 (2011/3/22)
  • PlayQ can now set sort order and scope indivisually
  • Fix f/c bug when resuming from a call
  • Option to show/hide unreated songs when star threshold is set
  • Option to display/hide yellow line when drawing gestures
1.4.1 (2011/1/19)
  • FLAC playing stops bug fixed
  • Gesture settings bug fixed
  • "System" oriention added
1.4.0 (2010/12/23)
  • (Pro) Add shffule/repeat button to 4x4 widget
  • (Pro) Add 3x4 widget
  • Equalizer for 2.3+ devices (In music play screen, MENU->Equalizer)
  • Customizable gesture control
  • Fix gesture settings reset bug
  • Widget in "Add" list can be customized now
  • SD card rescan
  • Add 1x2 widget
  • flac files can now be played through bluetooth earphones
1.3.0 (2010/12/1)
  • New icon
  • Video Gallery (on Android 2.0+)
  • UI changes
  • Play all musics in a foder now use sub-folder and file name for sorting
1.2.4 (2010/11/10)
  • New parent folder UI
  • Fix f/c bugs
  • Free version ads increase
1.2.3 (2010/11/1)
  • Fix f/c bugs
1.2.2 (2010/10/29)
  • Fix bugs
1.2.1 (2010/10/20)
  • (Pro) Tool to sync rating in file and Meridian
  • f/c fixes
  • Genre/Video cleaner tool
  • Changable audiobook root
  • Fix edit playQ f/c
1.2.0 (2010/10/14)
  • (Pro) Tool to synchronize rating between file tag and Meridian database and files' tag
  • Genre and Video cleaner
  • Changable audiobook folder
  • Fix edit playQ f/c bug
1.1.0 (2010/10/11)
  • Toolkit tab
  • (Pro) Download all missing albums in one click
  • Czech UI thank to Jiri
1.0.0 (2010/10/5)
  • Pro version is available on Market now
0.22.0 (2010/8/23)
  • Can be installed to SD card on 2.2 devices now
  • Maybe fixed Droid 2.2 issues
0.21.0 (2010/7/28)
  • Improved music shuffle algorithm
  • Korean UI thank to withpace
0.20.1 (2010/7/5)
  • Workaround of disappearing in Market with 1.6 and lower OS devices bug by Google
0.20.0 (2010/7/1)
  • (Pro) Support EXScanner's cue item playback
  • Add hint to EXScanner for FLAC/Cue
  • Export PlayQ to Playlist
  • Option to tap for panel in video play
  • Add Queek recommend
0.19.1 (2010/6/10)
  • Instant Lyrics integration
  • Fix bugs on 1.5 devices
0.19.0 (2010/6/8)

  • (Pro) 4x4 widget added
  • (Pro) Gray scale color for subtitles
  • (Pro) Search album art auto replaces old one
  • Landscape widgets fixed
  • In music screen, short swipe for 7 sec seek, long swipe for 30 sec seek (by 140 pixels)
  • Fix star threshold not working bug
  • Fix some minor bugs
0.18.2 (2010/5/26)
  • Fix major bug when shuffling songs
  • Fix several minor bugs
  • Some small improvements
0.18.0 (2010/5/24)
  • Support Android 2.2 Froyo
  • Fix ID3 editing not saving and wrong genre bug
  • Fix playing wrong item in video list bug
0.17.0 (2010/5/17)
  • Media Search with or without Quick Search Box
  • Change text colors
  • Can navigate to root directory
  • Change button to black
  • Option to hide album art in album list
  • Resume video with rewinding seconds
0.16.0 (2010/4/26)
  • (Pro) lrc file support
  • (Pro) No scrobbling for audiobooks anymore
  • New Dark Square buttons
  • Change widgets to black
  • Fix widget button does not change color when focused bug
  • Option to disable notification sound while playing
0.15.3 (2010/4/19)
  • (Pro) Fix 4x3 widget albumart disappearing bug
  • Option to export Android music playlist to PlayQ
  • Add function to search in Preferences
  • Support "folder.jpg", "albumart.jpg" for albumart
  • Slovak UI thank to Kliknutím
0.15.2 (2010/4/13)
  • (Pro) Fix cue sheet for flac file not working bug
  • (Pro) Fix album art search unavailable in China problem
  • Adjust some icons and menus
  • Can open system browser in embedded browser now
  • Launcher shortcut available for PlayQ
  • Remove deprecated menu "Show In Music Tab" etc.
  • Show up rating dialog when tapping rating bar in music play screen
  • Fix lossless file does not appear in PlayQ/Directory item bug
0.15.1 (2010/3/31)
  • Fix m4a files not playing bug
  • Fix album art saving f/c bug
0.15.0 (2010/3/29)
  • Lossless audio support (ape/flac/alac/wav/mpc/wv) - Andless integration thank to avs234
  • Fix PlayQ with 500+ items f/c bug
0.14.2 (2010/3/24)
  • (Pro) Search album by composer, and can long tap on image to download now
  • Fix music list not showing when only choosing exact one folder in media folder bug
  • Fix f/c bug with 500+ albums in sdcard
0.14.1 (2010/3/23)
  • Fix video list force close bug
0.14.0 (2010/3/22)
  • (Pro) Search and download album art
  • Improved shuffling
  • Fix Artist/Album/Composer shown in non-chosen by Media Folders bug
  • Fix list artist songs lacking bug
0.13.1 (2010/3/17) - Conservative is here
  • Fix 2x4 widget behaviors as 2x3 in 1.5 devices
0.13.0 (2010/3/16)
  • (Pro) 4x3 widget with album art
  • Button style settings
  • Fix customized album art now showing bug
  • Fix phone start-up f/c bug
  • App version number shows in preference, about page, and FAQ page on title bar
0.12.1 (2010/3/8)
  • Fix force close bugs in PicRowAdapter
0.12.0 (2010/3/5)
  • Add insert after current feature
  • Fix ID3 editing not working bug
  • Fix media auto scanning not working bug
  • Fix bug that can't find media files in root folder of sdcard
  • Fix album not showing bug in genre view
  • Fix sorting problem in Browser
  • Fix customized album arts are not shown in album list bug
  • Fix video zooming wrong when come back from another view
  • Prevent Nexus One rotating video goes to white bug
  • Italian UI thank to Mousse
0.11.0 (2010/3/1)
  • Set media file folders
  • Fix force close bugs in genre view
  • Speedup startup time
  • Adjust brightness control gesture threshold
  • Buffer loading in File Browser, avoiding freeze with very many files
  • First aid of auto-start bugs
0.10.2 (2010/2/22)
  • Can disable data collection in free version now
  • Back to black background
  • Fix bugs
  • French UI thank to Loïc
  • Danish UI thank to jellum81
0.10.1 (2010/2/12)
  • Change behavior of tapping song information in playing view
  • Fix force close bug when there's too many albums
  • Fix another force close bug in Music tab
  • Dutch UI thank to ChaosKiller!
0.10.0 (2010/2/11)
  • Fix force close bug in Music tab
  • New buttons and background
0.9.1 (2010/2/9)
  • Fix now playing block in Music tab
  • Play sound for double click next/prev headset command
  • Vibration on gestures (can turn off)
  • Does not start concurrently with other Music apps
  • Hide files renames to .mhv, will also hide from Android Gallery
  • (Pro) Audiobooks won't shuffle anymore
0.9.0 (2010/2/3)
  • Integrate with MyBackupPro, it will save all your preference, database, and PlayQ.
  • Russian UI thank to jbabysh!
  • (Pro) PlayQ Picker, you can quickly pick items into a PlayQ. To use it, long tap on a PlayQ and choose "Picker".
0.8.2 (2010/2/1)
  • Fix bugs of pro keys tailed with double zero
0.8.0 (2010/1/27)
  • Upgrade button in Meridian app
  • Fix bugs thank to collected data
0.7.0 (2010/1/25)
  • Usage data collecting using Flurry and Google Analytics (More info)
  • (Pro) Usage data collection disabling
0.6.1 (2010/1/20)
  • Six times faster PlayQ rendering
  • Fix playlist -1 and -2 relative bug
0.6.0 (2010/1/9)
  • Search button feature in Video and Music playing view
  • Fix album -1 and audiobook not scanned bugs
0.5.0 (2009/12/29)
  • Option for extra album level in artist/genre/composer view
  • rename feature
  • (Pro) Auto stop timer
0.4.0 (2009/12/23)
  • PlayQueue editing feature
  • Fix 3.5mm headset unplug not pause bug
0.3.0 (2009/12/4)
  • Video resuming for each file indivisually
  • (Pro) Subtitle size/color is now adjustable
  • (Pro) Brightness adjustment gesture (Long tap video until you see "Gesture Holding Mode" in the top-right corner, that slide up for lighten, down for darken)
0.2.0 (2009/11/19)
  • Support WVGA / Motorola Droid Screen
0.1.6 (2009/11/17)
  • Fix media control button size changed bugs
  • Fix audiobook f/c bugs
0.1.4 (2009/11/16)
  • Fix some f/c bugs
  • Some GUI adjustment
  • Option to keep screen on while playing music
  • Change Pro key buying mechanism. Pre-release key is available here
0.1.3 (2009/11/13)
  • Experimental version of Pro upgrade
  • (Pro) Cue file music playing support
  • (Pro) Audio book playing support
Beta 16.4 (2009/11/2)
  • Fix Genre list always show recently added bug
  • Fix playlist name clicking f/c bug
  • Fix video scaling bug
  • Fix video playlist order and repeat bugs
Beta 16.3 (2009/10/30)
  • Fix playlist f/c bug
  • Automatic pause music when plugging headset out
Beta 16.2 (2009/10/29)
  • Fix ID3 editing f/c bug
  • Fix playlist shortcut bug
  • Composer is back
  • Music Library adjustment
Beta 16.0 (2009/10/20)
  • Search lyrics button is back now, at right of the seekbar (and then "Search Lyrics" menu button is gone)
  • Fix sort by filename/date added doesn't work in File Browser bug
  • Long-press prev/next on headset to rewind/FF
  • FAQ/About page used in embedded webviews now
Beta 15.0 (2009/10/19) Details
  • Support QVGA
  • Video view orientation changing gesture (URU for portrait, URD for landscape)
  • Disable trackball volume adjustment when turning off gestures
  • Fix f/c bug of deleting files with apostrophe in name or path
  • Fix f/c bug on Donut 1.6 ROM when writing into SD card
  • Fix bug of deleting wrong file when playing music
Beta 14.0 (2009/10/15) Details
Indivisual tab display ON/OFF
Seperately decide screen orientaion of all three views
AlbumArts can now be saved in /sdcard/AlbumArt folder, with filename of <Album Name>.jpg
Simplyfied Chinese support thank to 剜刀
Fix some f/c bug
Beta 13.0 (2009/9/24)
PlayQueue Prototype
Beta 12.6 (2009/9/21)
Last.fm scrobble support
Beta 12.5 (2009/9/18)
Fast scroll in lists
Gerne list
Option to not resume after a phone call
Beta 12.1 (2009/7/15)
Fix bluetooth headset button bugs
Long-press menu to oneshot video as music
Beta 12.0 (2009/7/14)
Widget support (1x4 and 2x4)
Beta 11.2 (2009/6/24)
German interface thank to Andreas
Beta 11.1 (2009/6/23)
Long-press menu not showing bug fixed
Beta 11.0 (2009/6/18)
Adjust volumn by the trackball
Bluetooth headset button support
UTF-8 subtitles
List order by filename option
Beta 10.9 (2009/5/25)
Back from lyric showing bug fixed
Full disable video gesture
Mark/unmark as ringtone etc. feature bug fixed
Beta 10.7 (2009/5/19)
Fix bugs
Beta 10.4 (2009/5/18)
Mark/unmark a directory as ringtones or music or none of them
Spanish interface thank to Carlos

Beta 10.3 (2009/5/14)
Fix bugs
Hints on error

Beta 10.2 (2009/5/5)
Making new playlist f/c bug fixed
Headset previous song: Press then press second time in 0.4-1 second
F/c if you have a cupcake-recorded video file bug fixed

Beta 10.1 (2009/5/1)
Video hidding
Play files without extension crashes bug fixed
Beta 10.0 (2009/4/30)
.srt subtitle support
Play musics in a directory and all its sub-directories
Beta 9.3 (2009/4/28)
Simple video playlist editing
Video playlist misresume bug fixed
Faster music launch

Beta 9.2 (2009/4/27)
Fix bugs
Beta 9.1 (2009/4/24)
Simple Video playlist (Can't use '"/*\? in playlist name)
New video control panel
Beta 8.6 (2009/4/21)
Play oneshot music
Playlist long-press delete/edit bug fixed (edit overwriting bug left)
Rapid file browser long-press menu bug fixed
Rapid file browser keyboard filter disabled
Beta 8.5 (2009/4/16)
Rapid Browser bugs fixed
Seperate Rapid Browser and Rapid Video List
Beta 8.4 (2009/4/15)
Music playing f/c bugs fixed
Long press menu with keyboard filter bug fixed

Beta 8.2 (2009/4/14)
New main screen and music library layout
Brightness adjustment disabled to run on Magic (cupcake) ROM
Can't launch Music bug fixed
Beta 7.3 (2009/4/7)
Auto-scan not yet databased files into database
Some album art now showed bug fixed
Headset buttons
enable/disable option
Music gesture enable/disable option
Beta 7.2 (2009/4/6)
f/c from notification bug fixed
Changing playing icon
Beta 7.1 (2009/4/2)
Can set as default player
Some bugs fixed
Beta 7.0 (2009/3/31)
Headset button control
Beta 6.0 (2009/3/30)
Auto lyrics display from LyricWiki.org
Search lyrics on Google Custom Search for
Long-click menu f/c in Rapid Browser mode bug fixed
Back to app f/c bug fixed
Beta 5.2 (2009/3/27)
No more update -> stratup f/c bug if you update from beta 5.0 or later
With keyboard filtering, clicking will lead to wrong place bug fixed
Album list keyboard filter is now working
Rapid browser bugs are fixed
Empty directory bug is fixed
Playlist contextmenu bug is fixed
Beta 5.1 (2009/3/26)
Brand new music playing interface
Audio files other than mp3 can display and play well now
Showing album arts
Beta 4.0 (2009/3/24)
Album view sort by track number
Memorize selected index position
Set rating f/c bug fixed
New playlist bug fixed
Keyboard search in media or index lists
Beta 3.3 (2009/3/23)
Startup f/c bug fixed
Bug report func added
Beta 3.0 (2009/3/23)
Music play f/c bug fixed
While pushing "Next", music does not start from beginning bug fixed
Beta 2.2 (2009/3/20)
Video resuming is back